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5 Milestones for a Growing EV Tech Firm

2023 brought amazing transformations and while we nurtured relationships with Kodiak America’s existing clients, airport authorities all over the US and Canada, state departments of transportation, and federal agencies.

According to Salomon Belilty, President of Kodiak Technologies, “Helping industrial fleets decarbonize and become sustainable is what we are all about at Kodiak Technologies. We imagine airports and cities of the future with even cleaner air, lower costs, and greater equipment reliability. Kodiak is laser-focused on that future. We’re also positioning ourselves as pioneers and early adopters of groundbreaking technology”.

  1. Snake River Manufacturing (SRM) and Kodiak America are well-established legacy brands. They are all committed to one goal of modernizing snow-blowing fleets with EV-powered vehicles. The joint venture has become the innovation arm of SRM-Kodiak America and includes the engineering prowess and expertise of Chang Industrial teams in Colorado and Florida. In 2023, the formalization of this joint venture marks a significant milestone, representing a collaboration focused on building a heavy-duty EV prototype and diesel fleet transformation.

  2. Kodiak Technologies kicked off initial fundraising efforts in late Q4 with a pre-seed round led by Bootleg Advisors and John Schultz. Bootleg not only led the pre-seed round but enabled Kodiak to bring on several key players such as Pete Costello, Director of Airport Operations. With a more robust team, Kodiak Tech is making substantial progress with the upcoming announcement that pre-orders will begin in Q1 2025, demonstrating the confidence and support for our venture's vision and potential. Kodiak Technologies team has evolved from the founding members to a dedicated and ever-growing group of talented individuals.

  3. In Q2, Kodiak Technologies was issued its first of many patents for our groundbreaking sensor suite. The first patent accurately measures the amount of snow blown.

  4. Following an extensive procurement process, Kodiak Technologies strategically formalized engineering partnerships from among the very best in the industry. It includes a wide range of system integration duties and supply of hardware for the development of our heavy-duty EV Platform Technology solution, which is the pivotal step forward in our quest for industry leadership in snow removal and sustainability.

  5. In 2023, Kodiak Technologies began meeting with airport authorities, state DOT partnerships, and federal agencies marking the implementation of strategic alliances aimed at fostering growth and innovation in our industry.

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