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World’s First Hybrid Industrial Snowblowers Revolutionize North American Market

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In 2024, the global electric vehicle (EV) revolution is moving very quickly, around the world and in the United States. The American EV revolution is changing the way drivers think about owning and leasing light-duty vehicles for individual and family use. In the light-duty market, California is leading the way in U.S. EV adoption, reaching 25% EV market share in 2023, according to Veloz. Atlas Public Policy said the American EV market share reached 12% in December 2023, setting a new record.

Electrification of all other sectors is moving at breakneck speed as well, in medium-duty and heavy-duty commercial fleets. Fleet orders for medium-duty electric vehicles in the U.S. grew an astounding 640% in 2022, according to GNA.

Gas-powered equipment of all kinds is moving to hybrid and fully electric, which are superior eco-friendly and cost-effective solutions. An excellent example is the North American industrial snowblower market.

The fast-growing North American Industrial Snowblower Market is Moving to Sustainable Solutions

According to Maia Research, the North American market for industrial snowblowers was valued at $592 million in 2023. It is projected to continue to grow by a 5% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) to $808 million in 2029.

The capacity to meet the needs of industrial snow removal for North American airports by introducing Electric Vehicle (EV) solutions signifies a critical juncture where environmental priorities and commercial opportunities converge. In regions where snowfall can severely disrupt airport operations, the demand for efficient, reliable snow removal equipment is paramount. Transitioning to EV technology for this essential service not only aligns with global efforts to reduce carbon emissions but also opens a lucrative market. Hybrid industrial snow removal equipment fills a critical need, representing a significant market opportunity over the next five years.

Chang Industrial’s IP Studio Will Power the World’s First Hybrid Industrial Snowblowers in Partnership with Kodiak Technologies and Roush

In March 2024, the snow removal industry’s first hybrid industrial snowblower equipment was announced, marking a significant achievement for sustainability. Automation leader Chang Industrial disclosed its part in this important milestone. The company announced its IP Studio would power the world’s first hybrid industrial snowblowers in a partnership with Kodiak Technologies and Roush. The hybrid industrial snowblower equipment is set to be released in 2025 to many airports and federal, state, and local municipalities. Lower operating costs, and higher reliability are some of the many economic benefits, combined with the potential to revolutionize ESG initiatives.

Kodiak America Provides Core Technology for New Hybrid Industrial Snowblowers

The new hybrid industrial snowblower equipment is based on core technology from Kodiak America. Kodiak Technologies, building on the established core technology of Kodiak America — a seasoned provider of diesel-powered industrial snow removal equipment for numerous airports across North America and abroad — is heralding a new era of environmentally friendly equipment.

With Matthew A. Chang, a key figure in the realm of industrial engineering, at Kodiak’s helm and supported by a robust leadership team and Board of Advisors, including John Schultz of Bootleg Advisors and the highly experienced Roush, Kodiak Technologies is making strides in the development of an Electric Vehicle (EV) model. This initiative not only signifies a pivotal shift towards green technology but also aims to harness federal and state incentives to accelerate the adoption process.

DOT, Airports, Municipal Buildings, and Others Are Primary Segments of the Industrial Snow Blower Market

The industrial snow blower market has four primary segments: DOT, airports, municipal buildings, and others, according to Maia Research.

The largest portion of the sector is dominated by departments of transportation (DOT), accounting for 56.4% of the industrial demand, which predominantly covers North American roadways. This segment’s growth is closely tied to the burgeoning support for DOT Electric Vehicles (EV), significantly bolstered by the technological advancements introduced by forward-thinking companies like Kodiak Technologies.

An often overlooked yet substantial portion of the market is the commercial EV snow and ice removal services for airports. This segment represents 23% of the market, translating to an impressive $224 million, and is predicted to be a significant part of the 2029 market landscape. Despite its substantial share, it remains an underserved sector, highlighting a clear opportunity for growth and innovation.

Kodiak Technologies provides a valuable business case whitepaper, “Elevating Commercial EVs: Cutting-Edge Technology Redefines Airport Snow Removal in 2025.” Download here.

Ruggedization of EVs, Lack of Charging Infrastructure Presents a Challenge

For industrial electric vehicles (EVs) to become a viable replacement for diesel- or gas-powered industrial vehicles, addressing the critical needs of increased charging infrastructure is paramount. Large entities such as airports and municipal transit systems have begun recognizing the need to solve the charging conundrum by leveraging the scale and resources of these entities to spearhead the development of comprehensive EV charging solutions.

In addition to infrastructure, the ruggedization of EVs presents a formidable challenge. The demand for electric vehicles that can reliably operate under extreme weather conditions and withstand the rigors associated with heavy machinery is increasing. Traditional vehicles, with their combustion engines, have proven their mettle in such environments over decades. This capability is now available in EVs, ensuring similar or superior resilience. Manufacturers are focusing on creating EVs that not only meet the demands of everyday use in harsh conditions but also support the operational needs of complex machinery, making a future where EVs replace traditional vehicles increasingly plausible.

Kodiak Technologies to Present Pioneering EV Technology at the 2024 International Snow Symposium

At the forefront of Kodiak Technologies’ ambitious plan is the presentation of its pioneering EV technology at the 2024 International Snow Symposium in Buffalo, New York. This event will set the stage for a series of educational webinars designed to empower airport operators with knowledge, guidance on FAA grant applications, and the exclusive opportunity to participate in a pilot demonstration slated for Q1 2025.

Founded in 1998, Kodiak America has established itself as a leader in designing, developing, and distributing premier snow removal solutions. The company’s vast product line includes advanced snow blowers, runway sweepers, push plows, and railway blowers, catering to a diverse range of industries and markets. Renowned for their durability, performance, and innovative design, Kodiak’s vehicles and equipment have gained significant recognition and are utilized by prestigious entities such as the FAA, as well as State, Federal, and International Departments of Transportation. Embodied by a relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation, Kodiak America’s vision is to solidify its standing as the world leader in snow removal solutions, continually adapting to meet the evolving needs of its global clientele. Learn more at or Commends Chang Industrial, Kodiak Technologies, and Roush commends Chang Industrial, Kodiak Technologies, and Roush for providing the world’s first hybrid industrial snowblowers in this impressive achievement. Innovations such as these are moving the world forward to a more sustainable future, while fighting climate change. In addition to these crucial environmental benefits, the cost-saving benefits are another important added value.

As seen in EV Info.



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